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    We take your MICE Fam Trip to the next level!


    You are a DMO, CVB or Hotel/Hotel chain and want to train MICE planners on your destination and product? There is nothing better than providing carefully selected buyers the full experience on site. Take it easy: do what you do best as the ambassador of your destination and leave the details to Fam Affairs.

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    What we do best:

    open doors - bring together - close deals


    We provide you access to the complex and difficult MICE industry in the German speaking markets and we bring your future clients right to your doorsteps.

    The Magic of Fam Trips


    The interaction during a Fam Trip can be magic! A lucky coincidence or result of a strategic approach? Be assured Fam Affairs knows the ingredients that add magic and sparkle to your MICE Fam Trip; even with the most heterogenous group.

    Your Goal / Your USP:

    The uniqueness of your product or destination is the heart of the campaign. Both client and program selection will correspond to the USP concept, so you will get the right MICE planners with the best prospective business projects attending your Fam Trip.



    Benefit from Fam Affairs experience:

    • We have known 80+ destinations
    • We can identify and evaluate the uniqueness of each
    • There is business for each

    Guidelines for Planning:

    Nowadays, it takes something to provide a complete understanding of the MICE portfolio and advantages of a product of destination, to create added value to clients, to combine educational program with fun, networking, spare time for work/social media/relax - all in a limited given time frame. So let's be smart!



    Benefit from Fam Affairs' checklist:

    • We guarantee the best dramaturgy of the program schedule
    • We focus on hot subjects
    • Your smart program does not miss anything

    Attractive Invite:

    Time to shine for the first time! Your invite may be the First contact with some clients, so the invitation - apart from the itinerary that we worked out properly beforehand - has to show modern in all aspects (technical solution, photo material, motto, vibe) and be irresistible.



    Benefit from Fam Affairs' market and costumer knowledge:

    • Make a match - your product niche fits certain clients
    • Deliver on clients' expectations of an attractive, informative, complete, personal and cordial invitation
    • Putting yourself in the clients' shoes is helpful - what kind of information and personal approach would you appreciate?

    Buyer Selection:

    Reach out to a vast number of qualified MICE decision makers in D-A-CH, create maximum attention and have a targeted selection process ongoing - your investment deserves no less than this!



    Benefit from Fam Affairs' qualified customer data bank:

    • Well-kept up to date CRM
    • Quality goes before quantity
    • Make a match

    Comprehensive Communication:

    We shall appreciate the interest and time investment of MICE planners to come to your destination on an educational trip - we all know how absorbing and exhausting project work is... therefore, detailed and complete information needs to be provided out of one hand.



    Enjoy Fam Affairs' communication guidelines:

    • One point of contact
    • Mobile APP with personal log-in provides all necessary info
    • We take the client by the hand, so he can be relaxed and concentrate on your destination/product

    The Showcase:

    Your Fam Trip clients are event experts, so they know and appreciate what it takes to run smooth logistics, to have a back-up plan at hand, to cope with the unforeseen, to make everyone feel hearty welcome and still find time for deep discussions! It's simple: just give same attention to the Fam like to any other business project.



    Do what you do best - it's your time to shine:

    • Act as one team (everyone involved)
    • Allow each venue to shine and welcome likewise
    • Unforgettable behind the scenes experiences

    Relationship Management:

    It's a people business and everything is about relationships. Listen to your Fam Trip guests, be ready for their questions an ask for their direct feedback whilst they are on site with you. It's your stage and your audience!



    Be host, business partner and friend:

    • Everything is personal
    • Establish trustful relationships
    • Remember: one main contact who acts as the face of your company

    Content Creation:

    Photo and video content of the Fam experience are smart in many aspects: they are of great use to the clients to visualize the spirit of an incentive/event to their end clients - they are valuable content for social media & pr campaigns - they make the Fam immortal!



    The perspective of the market classifies the stories:

    • What is normal to you may be special to your guests
    • Little details and background stories create an image
    • Always visualize that image

    Survey & Feedback:

    A well prepared survey works in several directions: - it is valuable your own product development - it is helpful to understand and adapt better the specific source markets - and lastly it provides an idea of the business/booking potential.



    Benefit from Fam Affairs checklists:

    • We guarantee the best dramaturgy of the program schedule
    • We focus on hot subjects
    • Your smart program does not miss anything

    Smart Follow-up:

    Be sweet and sticky like honey ;-)



    Fam Affairs has best practice examples:

    • It's about timings
    • It's about content
    • It's about added value

    Talk of the Town:

    Blog, trade media, social media, website - these are just some platforms where your successful Fam Trip and the beautiful photos and travelogue are presented to eternity. Make sure all is linked with each other.



    Fam Affairs knows what creates most attention:

    • Spread attractive content
    • Use multipliers
    • Go viral and by word of mouth


    As a sales and marketing expert you know that repeat clients are the basis of a successful company. The most loyal repeat clients result from intact and friendly relationships. A Fam Trip builds up strong bond and a solid relationship if all is worked out well.



    Fam Affairs selects quality buyers:

    • Your product and Buyer - It's match!
    • The Fam Trip and even the Fam invite generate business
    • You will end up asking for more Fam Trips and showcases


    Success Stories


    We take your investment (budget and resources) as well as the time commitment of the customers seriously. Because of this, average Fam Trips are not our goal.

    It is important to create unique Fam Trips in order to make the most of it. In addition to product knowledge and inspiration, this includes valuable face-to-face time, growing partnership and countless moments of laughter, togetherness and interesting stories/personalities.


    • Chia Laguna Resort / Italy

      Chia Laguna Resort / Italy

      Hotel Fam Trip
    • Dubai & Abu Dhabi / UAE

      Dubai & Abu Dhabi / UAE

      DMC Fam Trip
    • Emilia Romagna / Italy

      Emilia Romagna / Italy

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    • Edinburgh / Scotland

      Edinburgh / Scotland

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      Borgo Egnazia / Italy

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      Cape Town / South Africa

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      Zaragoza / Spain

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      La Manga Resort / Spain

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      Athens&Thessaloniki / Greece

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      Club Mediterranea / Tunisia

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    • Iceland


      DMC Fam Trip

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